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Azeri Manat symbol is coming to Unicode (U+20BC)

manat-bananUPDATE (07/14): Azeri Manat symbol is now part of Unicode! See announcement here and manat symbol here.

In 2006 Azerbaijan changed its currency. New banknotes were designed by Robert Kalina alongside with the new Azeri Manat symbol – manat

In 2008-2011 a number of attempts were made by different Unicode work group members (Philippe Verdy, Karl Pentzlin) in order to add this symbol to the currency symbols table ( However, due the insufficient evidence of real use proposals were declined.

2012 was remarkable for the manat symbol. Thanks to the initiative started by design/art agencies such as JIS, manat symbol became widely used in advertisements, on scratch card, price labels and markets.

In order to complete manat symbol encoding process we started collecting symbol usages in the wild and gathered them in this album.

Finally, on the Unicode WG meeting which was held on 10-14 June 2013, MANAT SIGN has been accepted for encoding at U+20BC. You can see more details here:

I’d like to thank everyone who helped to make this happen by promoting manat sign in designs, crowd sourcing photos and especially Michael Everson from Unicode WG for pulling things together. We still have some work ahead of us before symbol will appear in the fonts and keyboard layout.

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